Review Policy

While I do purchase books that end up being reviewed here (much more often than I can afford), many of the books are provided by authors or publishers for the purpose of being reviewed.  Other than that, we do not accept any gifts, services or remuneration in return for reviews, and the opinions expressed are entirely my own.  (No one else would claim them.).  You might notice that the majority of the reviews are positive, and that is because, temperamentally, I prefer to focus on what I like and what I think is important.  I have pretty eclectic tastes, but books that I truly don't like usually don't get finished and don't get reviewed.  The exception is when I don't like a book, or some aspects of the book, but I think the book is important for other reasons and needs to be reviewed.

Authors, publicists and publishers who would like to have a book considered for review at Books and Beasts can contact me at Books and Beasts Reviews.

Thank you for stopping by.